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Therapeutic massage, which constitutes the base of European massages, facilitates the process of healing certain diseases, stimulates the circulation and refines the metabolism of the cells. Furthermore, it also enhances concentration skills, reduces the effects of stress and the sense of fatigue.

Cost of the treatment: 30 minutes: 4 000 Ft · 45 minutes 5 500 Ft  60 minutes: 6 500 Ft · 90 minutes: 9 500 Ft


The health improving and energizing reflexologic massage has been used since ancient times, as it has been common knowledge for millennia that our inner organs are represented on our footsole. Massaging the right points enhances the treated organ’s energy supply, helps eliminating toxins and waste residue from the body, stimulates the blood and lymphatic circulation, regulates the work of our hormon producing glands.

Cost of the treatment: 30 minutes: 4 000 Ft · 45 minutes: 5 500 Ft



During the treatment, the massage therapist places on the back alternately a warm towel permeated by chamomile, then a dry and finally a cold, wet one. As a result, tension caused by stress is released from the back and the shoulders. Then follows the oil massage of the relaxed back and shoulder muscles. Its effect will be much more successful this way, and the patient will immediately feel a restored inner equilibrium.

Cost of the treatment: 30 minutes: 4 500 Ft · 45 minutes: 5 900 Ft


The massage enables the active ingredients of the essential oils to penetrate the body, thus intensifying the effects of the relaxing and tonifying treatment.

The effects of the oils used during the aromatherapeutic massage are diverse; lemon enhances the juvenility and the liveliness, lavender helps relaxing and resting, sweet orange helps us feeling good and having a healthy skin, aloe regenerates and reduces infections, paprika helps eliminating waste residue and fat, and refreshes the lymphatic system.

Cost of the treatment: 60 minutes: 6 500 Ft


This massage is a combination of aromatherapeutic and Swedish massage, which results in a calming relaxation thanks to its smoothing gestures.

Cost of the treatment: 60 minutes: 6 500 Ft · 90 minutes: 9 500 Ft


Shiatsu developed in Japan, with roots tracing back to Chinese medicine. The treatment puts the energies into motion with palm or finger pressure along the energy pathways. During the massage, therapeutic communication is realised by touching, thanks to which fatigue, bad mood, sleeplessness cease, whereas backache, headache and anxiety disorders are reduced.

Cost of the treatment: 60 minutes: 8 500 Ft


In India, people still give head massages, as this helps to keep the hairy scalp healthy and keeps the mind stimulated. Traditionally, the head is massaged with oil and after the massage patients can of course take a shower and wash their hair. It is important to know that this method does not solve problems in itself, however, it decreases the symptoms of headache, improves hair structure, stimulates hair growth and reduces fatigue of the eyes.

Cost of the treatment: 30 minutes: 5 000 Ft





Chocolate massage, thanks to its endorphin production effect, is the most efficient treatment as far as the regeneration of the body and the mind are concerned, which makes it wonderful in many ways: the cocoa chocolate hydrates and tightens the skin, and thus makes it as soft as velvet, replaces the missing mineral substances, and also has a beneficial effect on the sworn ennemy of women: cellulite.

Cost of the treatment: 60 minutes: 6 500 Ft


altSports massage is a widely popular massage-type, based on western tradition. Massages made before or after competitions or trainings prepare the body for pressure and help eliminating the negative effects of great tension.

Cost of the treatment: 35 minutes: 7 500 Ft 



During our life, our spirit suffers from several negative effects, stored up in the deepest parts of our mind. In these cases metamorph massage is of great help, as it liberates the „memories” with a very efficient psychological hang-up solving technique. It frees the mind from its wounds and gives the opportunity to lead a more complete, joyful and blossoming life.

Cost of the treatment: 60 minutes: 9 500 Ft


The major cause of the formation of cellulite: the functional disorder of blood vessels and of the lymphatic system. The treatment restores the tonicity of the veins, however it shouldn’t be done for aesthetic reasons, but in order to stay healthy! The dissolved substances in peat are able to eliminate waste residue, to detoxicate the body and to be absorbed immediately by the body. It is impossible to mention all the healing effects of peat, but here are a few of the most important ones: cleansing blood-vessels, strenghtening of the vein wall, accelerating metabolism, regenerating the skin, rejuvenating the cells, helping in loosening and clearing the fat residue of the body.

Cost of the treatment: 60 minutes: 12 000 Ft


Cellulite is composed of loosened connective tissue, fat and accumulated metabolic products. The substance and the quality of cellulite are variable, they are different for each person. The treatment is composed of vigorous rubbing grasps directed to the concerned areas, thus slimming, lightening pregnancy marks, making skin more tight and velvety, and accelerating the decomposition of fat.

Cost of the treatment: 60 minutes: 12 000 Ft


During the treatment, the concerned areas are massaged, and cupping-glasses are used as well. After the massage and the cupping, the patient lies in a heat blanket so that the active ingredients can reach even deeper in the body and develop their beneficial fatburning effects. While the person rests under the blanket, certain points are stimulated by a foot massage, to start the process of detoxication and weight-loss.

Cost of the treatment: 60 minutes:  12 000 Ft • 90 minutes: 17 500 Ft



As a result of a bad lymphatic circulation the body becomes ill as varicose veins, oedemas and cellulite develop. Thanks to modern technology, we can execute this massage with an appliance that helps preventing and solving all these problems. Thanks to the treatment, the lymphatic circulation sets off and the patient can sense the improvement already after the first massage.

Cost of the treatment: 20 minutes: 3 000 Ft • 45 minutes: 5 000 Ft






This is an aromatherapeutic massage developed for pregnant women, which enables a free energy flow and relaxation of muscle cramps thanks to soft, smoothing movements.

Cost of the treatment: 30 minutes: 5 000 Ft • 60 minutes: 8 500 Ft


Treatment to quit smoking - without withdrawal symptoms, with an easy and fast bioresonance technique. Its effects are strong as the treatment includes stress relief and lung cleansing as well. There is also the possibility to do a follow-up treatment: stress relief, elimination of waste residue, lung cleansing and oxygen therapy. The patient has to smoke his last cigarette two hours before the treatment. The stub must be conserved and brought to the therapy with the cigarette pack, so that the cure may proceed in a personnalized way, taking into account the type of cigarette smoked till then.

Cost of the treatment: Therapy to stop smoking (about 45 minutes): 8 000 Ft • Continuous treatment (within one week): 4 000 Ft


During the condition assessment we measure the body’s several electric parameters, such as resistance, impedance, current intensity, tension, capacity, induction, frequency. Thanks to the speed of the computer, the results are ready within a few minutes, and thus help discovering and healing illnesses. Our examination is a Nelson-type bioresonance condition assessment, including an allergy test, an aura photography, an examination of the state of tissues and cells, finding out the causes of possible illnesses, as well as the probable causes of stress on physical, mental and spiritual levels.

Cost of the treatment: Examination+ counseling ( 1.5-2 hours depending on the condition): 8 000 Ft • Treatment (1.5-2 hours depending on the condition): 8 000 Ft


Beauty is a miracle of human creation not of divine creation. We are all different, inside and outside but we are all aspiring to become and to stay beautiful. We should love the physique nature gave us, and we should respect it by getting the best out of it!
Our beauty care services: Facial treatment for Women • Facial treatment for Men • Treatment for teenagers • Colour therapy with Bioptron lamp • Facial treatment with ultrasound • Massage of the lymphoid system of the face • Classic and regenerative treatments • Treatment of problematic and pimply skin • Special cosmetic tools • IPL permanent epilation • Waxing • Make-up


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The program is personalized, and is done according to the patient’s needs and body structure. Weight loss is fast and successful as many components influence the results: the infrasounds, that improve the cells’ permeability and help the venous blood circulation and the resorption of oedems. Ozone, that kills bacteria, has a calming and decongesting effect; negative ions, that improve the quality of the tissues, regulate the central and neurovegetative nervous system, and reinforce the immunologic defense abilites. Meanwhile, the music helps the patient to relax, the heat makes the body able to store up energy, perspiration makes it possible to select waste residue and toxins, while the essential oils enable relaxation and the recharging of energy. The vibration massage makes tissues tighter, in order to correct their imperfections in a natural way, while ventilation makes face-cooling more efficient.

Cost of the treatment: 5 000 Ft


With Alphamassage, you can choose between 10 preprogrammed treatment types:

1. Relaxation
2. Super learning
3. Weight loss
4. Sleep 5. Beauty
6. Fittness/ conditioning
7. Quit smoking
8. Sensuality/ romance 9. Creativity
10. Energy

Cost of the treatment:  5 000 Ft


The Relax Spa weight loss method
• Preparation of a personalized weight loss program
• Dietician counseling
• Examination of the results of the weight loss program, checking of the body fat percentage and the sizes at the beginning, the middle and the end of the cure; body weight measuring at every session.
• Use of Alphamins and Exclusive Physiomins machines during the treatments
• Stabilizing treatments to keep a slim figure
• Follow-up, further counseling
• Computerized condition assessment

Cost of the treatment
10 + 1* sessions (Slimming, cellulite treatment, figure shaping, in case of shape improving): 50 000 Ft
16 + 2* sessions (for a weight loss of 6kg): 80 000 Ft
23 + 2* sessions (for a weight loss of 10 kg): 110 000 Ft
28 + 2* sessions (for a weight loss of 15 kg or more): 130 000 Ft
1* The cure includes one free further treatment 2* The cure includes one free further treatment, as well as a computerized condition assessment.